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San Rafael, CA


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OtoGeniX™, Inc. was formed by Sanovas, Inc. to commercialize core technologies that offer innovations for otorhinolaryngology science for diagnosis and treatment of head and neck diseases.

OtoGeniX™ is the next generation of modern medical devices and minimally-invasive surgical solutions.
Innovation. Through technology.
OtoGeniX’s imaging devices use the most advanced digital technologies available, including complimentary oxide silicon (CMOS) imaging sensors, miniaturized light-emitting diode (LED) illumination, and proprietary image processing hardware and software. No external light sources, cameras or video processors are needed in this all-digital rugged platform.
Stabilization. Control.
Otogenix’s steerable optical guide technology along with its ear canal stabilizing balloons creates a unique otoscope that allows the examiner direct visual observation of the tympanic membrane with steerable guide sheath and video screen.